5 live streaming trends for 2022

In this article, we have presented 5 live streaming trends for 2022. It’s 2022, and going live is more important than ever. Here are a few live streaming trends to focus on in order to succeed!

Livestreams are a form of communication once favored by gamers and niche content creators. But a couple of years ago, we saw the emergence of trends in live broadcasts.

Their use as a marketing tool was critical to connecting and interacting with your audience at a time when real face-to-face correspondence was not possible. As a result, it quickly gained notoriety as a way to build relationships with your audience—for content creators and businesses alike.

In 2021, live streaming has proven to be an important marketing tool for businesses, with statistics showing an  increase of 21% globally

As we enter the new year, there are new trends for live streaming. So if you’re integrating this online tool into your company’s marketing efforts this year, or you’re just looking to improve your current live streaming strategy, this article can help. We’ve rounded up 5 new live streaming trends you should be paying attention to this year.

5 live streaming trends to watch

1. Shopping in the stream or “entertainment”

For several years, businesses in China have been using key influencers to promote purchases through live streaming, just like they use “influencers” or content creators in their sector.

The phenomenon has been coined as “entertainment” as it uses streaming to combine entertainment and e-commerce. This multi-billion dollar retail revolution is slowly but surely beginning to spread around the world.

Marketers are starting to see the ROI opportunities it provides when interacting with its audience. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to keep your audience up to date with announcements about new product releases or company activities.

We talked about this in more detail in our previous article “Entertainmerce & KOLs – Live Streaming is closer to our daily lives than we think.” Check it out if you want a fuller explanation of this widely growing phenomenon.

2. Shorter live streams

While Instagram has been at the top of most streaming streaming rankings for some time now, TikTok is fast approaching to claim that spot. According to Hootsuite, as of September 1, the Gen-Z platform of choice reached a whopping 1 billion users, with a 2021% increase in the last year alone.

This massive growth has caused a big shift in how companies and content creators produce their videos, with preferences shifting to shorter videos. According to this Restream blog post, “In 2020, 60% of videos were less than two minutes long.”

Social media giants like Instagram and YouTube are also picking up on this trend. They introduced the Reels feature and YouTube Shorts as a counter to the growing success of TikTok.

3. Music live 

When live music events such as concerts, music festivals and clubs ceased, musicians had to rethink the way they connected with their audiences and performed. DJs have started streaming their sets live on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and even Twitch. The latter has now added a separate category for music channels after noticing a significant increase in demand for music live streaming. Many argue that live music performances and sets are even replacing conventional radio stations.

You may also want to consider  monetizing  your live music stream when adding live streams as part of your strategy to expand your reach and connect with your audience.

4. Improved streaming quality.

As with everything connected to the Internet, the quality standards of users have definitely risen as everything goes virtual. 2022 will be no exception, and streamers will be even less likely to make mistakes. According to  TechRadar , over 50% of viewers abandon low-quality streams after a minute and a half or less. Unfortunately, this means they are missing out on monetization opportunities, resulting in poor returns for the creator.

YouTube is a pioneer in the move to higher quality streams, being one of the main platforms offering 4K streaming. While 4K streaming requires a lot of internet bandwidth, the massive rollout of 5G will help users create and watch these streams. This means that this year we may see more platforms using 4K streaming to offer their audiences an enhanced live streaming experience.

5. New live streaming platforms

One of the most important streaming trends to keep an eye on is the introduction of live streaming on other platforms. Sometimes it is important to be the first on this platform. Apart from TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest, all major social media platforms offer a mature live streaming feature to their users.

LinkedIn and TikTok have been slowly rolling out these features recently and are now planning to improve them even more. In addition, it is said that TikTok will focus its live streaming efforts on real-time shopping and e-commerce by introducing TikTok stores.

Pinterest is also planning to introduce live streaming this year. Recently, the platform has experienced major purchases and expansion of e-commerce. It will likely include a live streaming feature in response to the “entertainment” trend coming in 2022. The platform plans to focus on video content in general. What’s more, they hinted at the introduction of an AR hosting feature so that users can “try out” products from the comfort of their own home!

Key takeaways from live streaming trends

Pay close attention to these live streaming trends and take the time to dig deeper into each platform’s trends so you can make the most of your live streaming efforts.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider incorporating live streaming into your marketing efforts. This tool has become almost indispensable for expanding your online reach and encouraging engagement with your audience.

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