Explanations of savings for children | Explanations of Savings For Children

Explanations of savings for children | Explanations of Savings For Children

I do not see the word saving as just a word, it is something that should be a part of our lives. You can feel the authenticity of saving in your difficult times. Only money that helps you in difficult situations will bring you complete satisfaction. It is very easy to spend Rs 30 crore in 30 days like Rajini in a film. But the idea of saving a rupee is hard to come by.

Saving is an art. There are those who live to multiply little by little. There are even orphans who, in the name of saving, abbreviate even their own needs and forget about the good night’s sleep and lose their loved ones with the name “miserly” and go unattended to catch them at the last moment. Good savings is when you plan and save only a portion of your hard-earned income.

Explanations of savings for children | Explanations of Savings For Children

For example: If you earn ten rupees you have to save 1 rupees in it. The same is said of finger swelling. Good savings are when you start saving a portion of the income you are going to spend on the salary or income you buy. You teach your children to save first. That means opening a small savings account for your children at post offices near your home so you can teach and motivate them to save.

The people of Japan can feel the beauty of storage well. The reason they are prosperous is because of their savings and future income plan. The reason is to reduce wasteful spending and increase money by giving importance to it even if it is 1 paisa. Today’s savings are the future of your great fortune tomorrow.

There are many ways to save but there is no doubt that saving will be a viable option for you if you plan and spend your income while minimizing unnecessary expenses.
Storage is the act of setting aside money alone, without spending it immediately.
Storage habits in organisms:
Storage has long been derived from animals, insects, and humans.

For example , in the summer, ants store grain for the winter. In winter, grains are hard to come by. So, with stored grain, it can survive the winter.

This saving habit, which belongs to the sentient beings, has been with the sixth intelligent being since time immemorial. An example is the pots that store the coins that the organ suddenly catches. Even recently, a treasure trove of 16th century coins was found in Delhi. Also, people used to store grain in granaries and use it during the rainy season.

Why  save like this  :
Saving goods or money will help us in times of emergency or in times of need. When there is a sudden need for more money, we can help save ourselves from being handed over to others. For example, when an expense such as a woman’s wedding occurs, the money thus saved will help. Or in case of sudden job loss, this saved money will help the family. This is also called ‘Emergency Fund’ in English.
A mother I know kept the money hidden in the house. If there is a sudden shortage of money in the house, the money that was hidden somewhere will suddenly stretch out in front of the eye like a sorcerer and deal with the family expenses.

Storage alone is not enough; To invest.
If a bundle of grain is stored, it will be a single bundle of grain. Or, the rats may have devoured it. However, the cultivated grain multiplies and helps many times over.

As it is, in today’s inflationary society, the money saved will depreciate as the day goes on. If something like rupee note withdrawal happens, the money may go useless. Therefore, investing your savings in savings banks, deposit funds, mutual fund funds or stocks will help in the future.

Saving habits in my life:
I am more interested in saving. Every time I spend something in vain, I spend it with depression. I waited for half an hour to save five rupees.
At home they would scold me as the perfect miser. All of that never goes unnoticed.

For me, being stingy means not spending the money you have. But I’m not, and I’m blindly spending what I think I need. Ignore what appears to be a wasted expense.

Pushing young people into debt are two things.

Two-wheeler craze.
• Wedding.

Young people rely on advertisements displayed on television sets to buy and sell motorcycles at high prices in order to show off to others. Most of the victims are the middle class. Many people buy such vehicles and then park the car at home without even having the money to refuel. So learn to buy vehicles that suit your need.

All that is really needed for marriage is a man-woman relationship. I would say everything else is a waste of money. Many people lose their lives by borrowing and spending millions of rupees a day and then paying interest on it for the rest of their lives.

Try to reduce the cost of luxury and set the essentials as luxury.
For a man, I think it is enough to have a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear. But our mind is living for the longing community thinking of something we do not know and something we do not have.

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