Foods That Are The Ultimate Energy Booster During The Festive Season

Keeping your energy levels high is a must to not miss out on the festive season. Add these superfoods to sustain the charge.

‘Food for the Soul’- This genuine desire to indulge in sumptuous food amidst those glittering lights of Diwali fills most of us with the ultimate joy. Festivals in India seem empty without an array of eatables at the dinner table. This approaching Diwali season is all about being active, from Diwali cleaning to decorating, there are many activities that lead to exhaustion. Only those decadent dishes served on the plates delight our minds and hearts. But we should be aware of the after effects of the foods we eat. To avoid mindless eating, it’s important to start replacing fried snacks with superfoods.

Decoding the nutritional benefits of superfoods

Superfoods refer to foods that provide maximum nutritional benefits for low calories. They contain a large number of vitamins and antioxidants. They satisfy the body and mind with adequate consumption of nutrients. According to health expert Vikas Chawla, founder and director of Vedas Cure, superfoods are mostly plant-based foods but also include fish and some dairy products. Foods that benefit the person internally, promote health and prevent the body from illness and disease fall into this category. A healthy balanced diet supplies the body with enough nutrients, the body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients to stay fit and healthy to function effectively. Superfoods can be fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts that are high in nutrients.

Foods that are the ultimate energy booster during the festive season


A wild, uncultivated fruit that grows in the forests of Maharashtra, India and across Southeast Asia, as the tribes call it in Sonawe. Fruit is a great source of energy and a good source of protein. Kusum fruit is like a small plum. It has a sweet-sour and playful taste.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds promote inner well-being. A spoonful of flax seeds contains adequate amount of carb, protein, calories, fiber, omega-3 fatty acid, calcium, iron and other nutrients. It is rich in dietary fiber. Flaxseeds contain 3 grams of fiber. This is sufficient for the daily recommended intake. Other seeds like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, lotus seeds have other nutritional properties.


Millet is a powerhouse of multiple nutrients including zinc, copper, vitamins, calcium and anti-oxidants. It provides constant power. Keeps a person full for longer days. Millets regulate blood sugar levels and are rich in iron and calcium to maintain healthy blood levels. It regulates blood glucose level. Very good for heart health. Millet promotes digestion and also helps in weight loss.


One of the most common spices found in Indian kitchens. It is a high source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Helps in good digestion cycle. It has powerful medicinal properties as it fights against infection and repairs tissue damage. It also helps fight against daily fungal and bacterial infections.

Certainly, superfoods are more than just omega 3 fatty acid or fiber-rich food. They promote a significantly healthier lifestyle but consuming too much of superfoods can be harmful. A person should have superfoods as part of their daily diet but not as something to eat only to satisfy their hunger.

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