How To Change A Credit Card Apple Store

Expired Rechargeable Credit Card Do you need to pick another one? Have you lost your credit card and now have a new one? In these and many other cases, you may need to change the payment details entered in many online services and virtual stores, first by Apple.

If you want to buy again after replacing your credit card with apps , games and multimedia content on your computer, iPhone or iPad , the first thing you need to do is update your profile information and replace your old credit card information with your new information. Do you know how to do it? No? No problem, I let you find out in a few words: Here ‘s how to change a credit card in the Apple Store .

If you do not know how to change the credit card in the Apple Store and use Windows , all you have to do is start the program iTunes with its icon Click on the item from the desktop or Start menu The iTunes Store is located in the left sidebar.

At this point, click on your Directional Email which will be displayed in the upper right corner and login to the iTunes Online Store by typing your details into Apple ID . Then click the Change payment information button that will be on the opening screen, fill in the proposed form with information about your new credit card and click the Complete Function (bottom right) First Save Changes.

If you use a built-in Apple PC you can use the newer ones besides Mac OS X and iTunes Replace the credit card in the Apple Store for the App Store . In this case, using its icon in the Start Store Dockbar bar, click on the item in the Shop menu bar (first one) and select My Account (address [email protected] ) in the menu that appears.

Type in your Apple ID details in the open and once logged in window Log in to the Apple Store, click on the option Edit Payment Information placed in front of the newsroom Change your credit card details using the same mechanism found in Windows.

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