Maternity capital – 2022: how the amount has changed and where to invest it

What is maternity capital and who is entitled to it

Maternity capital is a state program to support families in the form of a cash certificate at the birth or adoption of a child.

According to the law , the goal of the program is to provide families with a decent life and stimulate an increase in the birth rate.

To whom is it issued? The certificate is intended for a mother who has given birth or adopted a child. In the event of a child being adopted by a man or the death of the child’s mother, the right to maternity capital passes to the father if the mother was a citizen of Russia. A bill was passed in the first reading that expands the rights of single fathers: they will be able to receive maternity capital, even if the mother was a foreigner.

When will it come? Information about the birth of a child is automatically transferred from the registry office to the Pension Fund. Within 15 days , the mother receives a notification about the issuance of a certificate in her personal account on the public services portal . If nothing has come, you can draw up an application for registration of maternity capital .

How to spend? It will not work to get money in hand and distribute it to everyday needs . You can use the funds only for certain purposes – we will talk about them below.

History reference

The All- Russian population census of 2002 showed a significant decline in the birth rate: during the 1990s – 8–9 children per 1,000 people. At that time it was one of the lowest rates in the world. Based on these data , the government developed a maternity capital program . Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of support measures in May 2006, and payments began in January 2007 .

In 2007, the amount was 250,000 rubles. and was issued only after the birth of the second child. Since 2020, the program has been expanded : now the certificate is available after the birth of the first child . The program is valid until 2026 .

What can you spend maternity capital on?

Funds from the certificate can be distributed for one or more purposes:

  • to improve housing conditions : building a house, buying an apartment with your own funds, repaying a mortgage or down payment;
  • children’s education : from kindergarten to university, including the cost of a student’s hostel;
  • mother’s pension savings : a law has already been passed allowing these funds to be withdrawn from pensions and used for other purposes;
  • social adaptation of children with disabilities : goods and services for everyday life, excluding medical services;
  • monthly payment for three years : families in which a second child was born or adopted after 2018 have the right to it, and the average per capita income is less than two living wages.

In most cases, maternity capital can be used after the child’s third birthday . However, in order to improve housing conditions , you can invest in paying off a mortgage loan after receiving a certificate.

Investment of maternity capital in housing

The most convenient and profitable way to use a certificate is to invest it in real estate . This investment can help improve living conditions quickly. You can use maternity capital funds :

  • during the construction and reconstruction of the house;
  • buying a home with your own money;
  • an investment in the body of a mortgage loan or a down payment.

! For banks, it is important that, in addition to maternity capital, the borrower contributes his own funds to the down payment. This will make it easier to get approval for a larger amount.

You can build or reconstruct a house using maternity capital on a plot for individual housing construction and on the territory of a horticultural non-profit partnership .

The main thing is that the premises should be residential , and the child’s parents should have the right of ownership or lease on the land plot . When the house is built, you need to provide an extract from the USRN to the Pension Fund.

! Maternity capital cannot be used when buying apartments , land and repairing residential premises.

Another condition for the use of maternity capital funds in real estate transactions is the allocation of shares to children. The sale of such housing takes place only with the permission of the guardianship authorities and the Pension Fund . If the apartment is still under construction , but it needs to be sold under an assignment agreement , after the deal is closed, the maternity capital will return to the certificate.

How the program has changed in 2022

In 2022, at the birth of a child, the mother receives:

  • RUB 524,500 – for the first;
  • 693 100 rub. – for the second.

* If the family has already issued a certificate for the first child, then 168,600 rubles will be paid extra for the second.

When a third child appears, the family becomes large, and the state offers to contribute 450,000 rubles. into the body of the mortgage loan . You can also get 693,100 rubles. if the family has not previously used maternity capital for either the first or second child.

Since 2022, a law has been in force , according to which maternity capital is now indexed according to actual rather than forecast inflation . The amount will be reviewed annually on 1 February. This year, maternity capital increased by 8.4%.


Antonina and Innokenty got married in 2014. Three years later, they had their first baby , and in 2020 – the second. Since the maternity capital program for the birth of the first child at that time had not yet been extended, after the birth of the second Antonina received a certificate for 616,617 rubles.

In the same year, the couple decided to improve their living conditions and bought an apartment with a mortgage . The initial contribution was 20%, half of the funds – maternity capital .

In 2022, Antonina became pregnant with her third child . After his birth, the girl will become a mother of many children , and the family will have the opportunity to pay off 450,000 rubles. the body of the mortgage loan at the expense of the state.

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