Review of the best cryptocurrency wallet tokens in 2022 by capitalization

Review of the best cryptocurrency wallet tokens in 2022 by capitalization

Crypto wallet tokens are digital assets issued by software developers to attract new users and increase trust among existing users. Such coins provide access to discounts / bonuses, participation in management, staking and other opportunities. You can buy a token in a cryptocurrency wallet or on an exchange, and then hold it or sell it.

Below we will consider what wallet cryptocurrencies are and their features. Here are the opportunities, pros and cons, the current exchange rate and capitalization. Separately, we will conclude which crypto wallet produces the best coin, and what to give preference to in 2022.

Review of the best cryptocurrency wallet tokens in 2022 by capitalization

Purpose and purpose of crypto wallet tokens

With increasing competition, the creators of cryptocurrency wallets are forced to go to the trick and offer customers additional opportunities. One of them is the creation and opening of access to the internal cryptocurrency, which is credited after installing a wallet, purchasing or performing other steps.

The purpose of creating such tokens is to increase interest in the crypto wallet and, accordingly, attract new users. There are additional opportunities for monetizing the project and its promotion on exchanges through its own digital assets.

Depending on the type of cryptocurrency wallet and the stated goals, internal tokens can perform the following functions:

  1. Staking . Allows you to have passive income from storing cryptocurrency in your wallet for a long time.
  2. Liquidity supply . Provides support for the development and operation of the crypto wallet.
  3. Discounts . Token holders often save on commissions when buying and selling or receive assets at a better price.
  4. Management . Receiving internal cryptocurrency allows the participant to offer any improvements to the wallet.
  5. Voting . Ownership of native digital assets can give a voice in the decision to change the policy of the wallet, make changes or solve other problems.
  6. VIP level . Providing additional opportunities to cryptocurrency owners. For example, VIP-holders can open other functions and advantages.
  7. Getting statuses . The user’s capabilities may also depend on the number of tokens at their disposal.

To get additional options, you need to store and hold cryptocurrencies in your wallet. In some cases, tokens must be locked in order to avoid spending. The more coins are stored, the higher the opportunities. The number of options that are available to users may differ depending on the type.

TOP of the best tokens for crypto wallets by capitalization

There are many wallets available on the Web that provide access to your token. Below are the best options in terms of popularity and capitalization for 2022.

Trust Wallet (TWT) – $249.9 million

The TWT token initially worked on the basis of Ethereum, and since October 2020 – on BEP2. The cryptocurrency was created by the developers as an experiment to help develop the project and increase the number of users. Such steps gave a result, because the coin began to be in great demand on the exchanges.

Initially, 90 billion tokens were issued, but due to the large number, no more than 1% was left in circulation. The remaining 89 billion coins decided to destroy and thus increase the value in the market.

Scope of TWT:

  • participation in voting;
  • application of TWT in DeFi projects;
  • rewarding members to improve their reputation;
  • discounts on commissions for exchange transactions, etc.

The transition to BEP-20 expanded the scope of the project and provided a link with Binance. Buying a token is possible on Trust Wallet or major exchanges. TWT storage is available with Trust Wallet itself or Binance Chain Wallet.

Advantages of the token:

  1. The popularity of the crypto wallet.
  2. Support from Binance.
  3. Limited edition.
  4. Transfer to the Binance Smart Chain protocol.


  1. The TWT token is listed on a limited number of exchanges.
  2. non-transparent policy.

Coin98 (C98) – $192.6 million

A one-stop DeFi project that gives customers access to staking, cross-chain swaps, and more. Since July 2021, the cryptocurrency wallet has been a project of Binance Launchpad. In parallel, C98 is used – an internal token that performs utility functions:

  1. Management in the form of obtaining the right to vote.
  2. Ecosystem development, because the profit from transactions is sent to the treasury fund.
  3. Right to membership.
  4. Bet on your own cryptocurrency.

Additionally, C98 is used as a payment for the maintenance of a crypto wallet, product development and promotion, management options, etc. The token is available on 2 blockchain technologies: Solana and Binance Smart Chain. By issuing a coin, developers encourage customers to invest in liquidity and decentralized pools with a guarantee of profit. In addition, C98 gives unique rights, taking into account the amount available on the account.


  1. Developed ecosystem.
  2. Availability of passive income.
  3. Participation in management.


  1. Availability on a limited number of exchanges.
  2. Youth and poor promotion of the project.

Klever (KLV) – $94 million

The Klever cryptocurrency wallet is in demand and has over 2 million users. At the same time, the KLV token acts as a “fuel” for the cryptocurrency system and provides savings on commissions, allows you to receive passive income and solve other problems. The coin can be used to make transactions on the exchange, transfers abroad, conduct P2P transactions, pay for goods and services.

The purchase of KLV cryptocurrency is available on many exchanges, including MXC,, Kucoin, Unswap and others. The popularity of the token is due to the wide possibilities of the wallet. It can be used to store almost all cryptocurrencies that support the main blockchain technologies. The private key is kept by the owner, which ensures security.

The KLV token can be used to earn 10% per year staking income. Note that the project has another internal KFI cryptocurrency designed for management. The holder’s capabilities and the presence of a voice in decision-making depend on the number of coins in the user’s storage.

Advantages of KLV:

  1. The popularity of the wallet with its Klever OS.
  2. Big plans for further development.
  3. A wide range of exchanges for buying cryptocurrencies.
  4. Opportunity to earn income from investments.
  5. Limited issue.
  6. Earn up to 10% from staking.


  1. Small possibilities.
  2. Low rate.

Clover Finance (CLV) – $65.8 million

A Polkadot-based wallet that has its own CLV token. The coin is compatible with 2-way bridge technology, allows you to link Polkadot and EVM based Clover addresses. Internal cryptocurrency can be used to solve the following tasks:

  1. Management . It is possible to block a certain number of CLVs on the wallet in order to be able to select council members and send funds for the development of the project.
  2. Gas fee . Payment can be made using CLV or using a network token.
  3. Checking . Staking a token allows the network to be validated as a validator.
  4. Deployment of smart contracts and programs on Clover.
  5. Treasury . Financing of the project from the treasury is envisaged.
  6. Nomination . Token capabilities allow you to create a stake to assign your validator using the deployment option.

The internal CLV cryptocurrency is available for purchase on a number of major exchanges, for example, FTX, Kucoin, and others. The received coins can be used to make purchases on the exchange, transfers abroad, pay for goods / services and P2P transactions.


  1. Wallet support for a large number of tokens.
  2. Cross-chain token compatibility.
  3. Redistribution of payment for gas.
  4. Access to passive income.
  5. The presence of a control function.
  6. Availability of staking on the network.


  1. Little investment attraction.
  2. Availability on a small number of exchanges.

Safepal (SFP) – $66.4 million

The SFP token works on the basis of BEP-20 and is designed to perform utility functions. Has the following scope:

  1. Participation in management and voting for any changes.
  2. Payout as a reward for participating in SafePal Earn.
  3. Discounts on commissions when making transfers and buying a wallet.
  4. Participation in airdrops and sweepstakes held by the company.
  5. Additional income from deposits and loans.
  6. Getting bonuses, etc.

Distribution of crypto wallet SFP tokens, and the total planned number is 500 million. The purchase is available on the Binance exchange and other platforms. The wallet itself is a hardware device with the ability to automatically exchange coins, access to the Binance spot market, as well as passive income programs.

In recent years, it has been gaining popularity, and in the near future it may compete with Trezor or Ledger. Having your own token allows the crypto wallet to develop and attract more attention.


  1. Wide possibilities.
  2. Operation of the BEP-20.
  3. Additional earning opportunities.
  4. Investing and receiving passive income.


  1. It is listed on a small number of exchanges.
  2. High competition from other wallets.

xDeFi Wallet (xDeFi) – $39.4 million

The xDeFi Wallet is characterized by advanced features, high transaction speed and security. Here you can store, send and receive assets, enjoy the speed / security of the chain, manage NFT, etc. The developers claim that they do not store the seed phrase, password or private information, which indicates the safety of the funds.

When developing the xDeFi token, Delphi Digital technology was used. Cryptocurrency wallet owners can block tokens in order to receive discounts and bonuses in the future, participate in wallet management and finance other projects. There is the possibility of staking when blocking coins in the wallet. The freezing period can be different – 15 days, a month, 1.5 months, 60 or 75 days. The interest rate also changes depending on the term.


  1. Passive income.
  2. Lending option.
  3. project transparency.
  4. Ability to buy on many exchanges: KuCoin, Latoken, Huobi Global, CoinEx and others.


  1. Strong exchange rate volatility.
  2. A small set of features for owners.

MathWallet (MATH) – $22 million

The non-custodial browser and mobile wallet MathWallet also has an internal token called Math. It is built on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain network, as well as Binance Smart Chain. The main purpose of cryptocurrency is to establish cross-chain interaction.

In addition to the MATH token, the ecosystem also includes other tools: Dapp Store, Vault, Chain, etc. All of them work together and ensure the interaction of elements. As for the internal token, it can be used to earn money on staking. It is possible to exchange cryptocurrencies of different standards in one wallet. The purchase of the MATH token is available on many exchanges, namely Hotbit, MEXC, Hoo, ZBG and others.


  1. Wallet support for a large number of tokens / cryptocurrencies.
  2. Open source.
  3. Its a blockchain system.
  4. Availability of passive income.


  1. Opacity.
  2. Limited features of the MATH token.

Atomic (AWC) – $6.2 million

The Atomic project appeared as a response to current challenges in terms of convenience and versatility of a decentralized solution. The crypto wallet has its own AWC token, which is a service token and issued in the amount of 100 million coins. 70% of them are owned by small holders. At the same time, 80% of the total issue is blocked until there is demand from investors.

Atomic Wallet supports over 500 different cryptocurrencies running on 20 or more blockchains. Bank cards are supported with the ability to pay with fiat money.

AWC token holders get the following features:

  1. Discount for the exchange and purchase of digital assets using a bank card.
  2. Collection of awards.
  3. Additional features for trading.
  4. Listing payment.
  5. Access to affiliate programs.
  6. Staking.
  7. Participation in bounty projects.

Buying AWC is available on many exchange platforms, including IDEX, Binance DEX, Hoo, and more. With a wallet, you can earn up to 1% per exchange / purchase and receive payouts every month.

Pros of AWC:

  1. Great opportunity for owners.
  2. Limited number of coins in circulation.
  3. Opportunity to earn money on investments.
  4. Wallet popularity and support for a large number of tokens.
  5. Availability on major exchange platforms.
  6. Individual technical support.
  7. Access to participation in affiliate programs.


  1. It is listed on a small number of exchanges.
  2. Small storage fee.

You can add the Meta token from MetaMask to the list discussed above. At this stage, it is only developing and has a low market capitalization of 52.8 thousand dollars. At the same time, the developers are confident in the future of the cryptocurrency, thanks to its deflationary attractiveness, decentralization and limited supply.

For convenience, we will summarize the TOP of the best crypto wallet tokens in a table by capitalization size.

№ p / p Wallet Token Site Exchange rate, USD Capitalization, USD, mln Number of coins in circulation, million
1 Trust Wallet TWT 0,87 249,9 288,1
2 Coin98 C98 1,04 192,6 185
3 clever KLV 0,027 94 3400
4 Clover Finance CLV 0,25 65,8 261
5 Safepal SFP 0,61 66,4 108,2
6 xDeFi Wallet xDeFi 0,71 39,4 55,6
7 MathWallet MATH 0,19 22 114,4
8 Atomic Wallet AWC 0,59 6,2 10,6


From the list above, it can be seen that as of May 2022, Trust Wallet, Coin98 and Klever take the leading positions in terms of capitalization. They are followed by no less popular cryptocurrencies, which are pulling up in terms of capitalization and are in no less demand. Note that internal crypto wallet tokens are rarely used for investment and are more suitable for receiving bonuses, staking, management and other options. But this does not mean that coins cannot be bought on exchanges in the expectation of a price increase in the future.

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