What besides Decentraland: the ultimate selection of new crypto-metaverses

Recently, more and more new metaverses appear. In some of them, you can already buy land, others are at the development stage. There are also those that are more like full-fledged games than metaverses. We collected a selection of new crypto-metaverses from all of them.

Metaverses under development

Here are the metaverses, which are just undergoing testing, or an early stage of development. That is, these are those projects in which you cannot visit the virtual world itself, but only purchase tokens or game resources. Some of them are more like games than metaverses. But they have their own virtual world, and there are plans to release NFT lands, so such metaverses are also in this selection.

Mars Metaverse . The Mars company is developing its own metaverse dedicated to the planet Mars. It is in development and will be released in 2023.

The Metaverse will consist of a small area with a diameter of about 1 km called “Colony”. In it, the user will be able to own land using NFT, build a house or commercial building on it, and rent is also possible.

Users will be rewarded with Mars Tokens (MRST) by contributing to the gameplay in the metaverse. The economic system of Mars Metaverse will be designed so that all users who play on the platform can earn money.

Building concepts in the Mars Metaverse. Source: marscompany.com

Users will also be able to customize the space to their liking and purpose, such as a shopping mall, gallery, party room. To generate additional revenue, users will have the opportunity to host events in their space.

SHIB Metaverse. The Shiba Inu Token Ecosystem (SHIB) creates its own SHIB Metaverse . It will consist of 100595 plots of land. Some lands will remain locked down and will be used as common areas, as they will be key locations for travel in the metaverse.

A map of lands in the SHIB metaverse. Source: blog.shibaswap.com

In May 2022, the project is in development and there is no information about when it will be launched. At the start of sales, 36431 plots of land will be put up for sale, as well as part of 4 different areas will be open for purchase: growth, defense, technology and currencies.

homespace. A metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will consist of the personal worlds of users and public spaces. Among them will be gaming zones, a DeFi city with banking institutions, and a university with educational projects. It is not yet possible to try the project on your own, buy its tokens and NFTs.

Homespace will launch on mobile devices, desktop and browser versions on PC, and will also support VR headsets. There will be two types of NFTs in the metaverse: real estate and various accessories for your virtual home.


Homespace Metaverse Presentation at BSC Gamefi Hackathon

Developers focus on photorealistic graphics. To do this, they use the Unreal Engine 5 game engine, which is capable of producing such a picture. And user avatars will be created using Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator technology .

moonscape. The Metaverse will be implemented as a strategy game. In it, users will be engaged in building a base, exploring the territory, collecting and equipping troops for battles.

In Moonscape, players will explore a futuristic moon, build their cities, and earn rewards for their time in the game in the form of a native MSCP token. Ready cities can be put up for sale in the form of NFTs.

Player One. This metaverse is similar to The Sandbox in terms of gameplay and graphics . It consists of four components: tools for building objects, social scenes for communication between users, an NFT marketplace, and a Play-to-Earn gaming system. In May 2022, you can only buy clothes for voxel characters in it.

PlayerOne Metaverse Marketplace

PlayerOne is building a world with an open metaverse. Everyone in this world will be able to create special objects and structures, transfer their original NFT-works to the metaverse. There will also be virtual pets. With them it will be possible to travel, train them, fight with them, thereby earning on them.

Legendaryum. This metaverse is focused on sports, music, and entertainment. Here, users will be able to interact within the ecosystem: buy land, trade tangible and intangible goods, purchase various services.

Legendaryum Metaverse Beta

Metaverse Legendaryum introduces its users to the city of “Horizons”. In it, they will be able to create their own avatars, as well as travel through the metaverse. For Russian users, the test version of the metaverse only works with VPNs.

The metaverse will have its own LGND token. It will be needed for the NFT marketplace, payment for services, concerts, sightseeing and other events in the city of Horizons.

Star Atlas. This is a metaverse created on the Solana blockchain and the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. The native ATLAS token is used in Star Atlas as a currency for which you can buy and sell NFTs.

Players will be able to build entire cities, build micro-economics, collaborate and create DAOs to manage specific regions. They will also receive tokens from in-game items that they collect during the game.

Unlike most centralized gaming platforms that restrict resale and full ownership of in-game items, Star Atlas is fully decentralized. Players own all the assets they accumulate in the game, with the ability to sell in-game items on NFT marketplaces.

In May 2022, only NFT cards for ships and resources for the game can be purchased from Star Atlas. In the second half of 2022, the release of the metaverse itself is planned.

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Somnium Space is an open virtual reality social platform built on the blockchain . We tell you how it differs from social networks, games and trading platforms.

realm. It is an immersive metaverse on the Polygon blockchain that allows NFT players, creators and collectors to communicate and interact with each other. In it, users will be able to create their own mini-universes, and developers, artists and designers will trade NFTs, hold exhibitions or arrange events.

The launch of the metaverse is planned for June 2022 on the Polygon blockchain. Realm activity will be rewarded with REALM tokens.

The metaverse consists of 4 tiers of the earth, the most valuable of which is located in the center, where the user traffic is the highest. There is no information about the sale of virtual land plots in May 2022.

Bloktopia. The Bloktopia metaverse uses the Polygon network to operate. With the help of an advanced engine, it will be possible to create 3D worlds with support for VR technology. Bloktopia already has a marketplace where you can buy NFT lands and BLOK, the native token of the metaverse.

How the world will look like in the Bloktopia metaverse

The Bloktopia map is divided into levels – from 1st to 21st. Each level has its own map and a certain number of land plots that can only be bought with BLOK tokens. There is no exact information on the official website when the sale of land will begin.

Metaverses with lands to invest

Here are the metaverses that have already put the lands on the market. Projects from this list are suitable for investment in virtual real estate.

metafluence. A metaverse created specifically for bloggers and their audiences . The developers themselves call her concept Influence to Earn .

This is a virtual city with plots of land, residences of bloggers and brand stores. The development has been going on since 2017, and the active promotion of the project began in the fall of 2021.

The developers announced the pre-sale of land plots Land and Metahut, but did not give a specific date. You can already sign up for the Whitelist via a Google form . Plots of land, city and locations are under development, the site has only renders, not the actual graphics of the project.

There are 2 types of NFT land in Metafluence:

  • Metahut – a piece of land with the residence of the owner. It will have event rooms, an owner’s shop and an NFT gallery;
  • Land – a piece of land that can be turned into a residence in the future.

On pre-sale via Whitelist, Land lots are $85 and Metahut are $3,500. Land plots can be rented out.

The project also has its own METO token. It will be used to trade NFTs within the metaverse, pay rent, and sell tickets to private events.

bigtime. Game metaverse project from the creator of Decentraland Ari Meilich. The project is being worked on by people from Epic Games , Blizzard, EA and Riot, who participated in the creation of games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty and Overwatch.

The Metaverse has been in development since May 2021. Since April 19, 2022, Big Time has been in early VIP access for owners of the $10,000 Gold Pass. The public release date is unknown.

Big Time official trailer

Big Time has an NFT with SPACE land plots. Each site is a player’s personal location, which is separate from the main locations where battles take place. The player will be able to invite friends to their land, make an exhibition there from their NFT Big Time.

Lots can be combined to create a larger location. In May 2022, 60 thousand NFT SPACE were issued, and there will be 600 thousand in total. The cost of plots on the primary sale on December 21, 2021 ranged from $299 to $3.3 thousand.

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Decentraland is another popular metaverse . We tell you more about her, about her lands, what you can do with them, and how to buy them in the material.

NFTcraft. Some metaverses are having technical issues due to the limitations of the blockchain. An alternative solution in this case is to take a ready-made game and “attach” the blockchain to it. NFTCraft is an example of such a solution. It has a bridge between the Polygon blockchain and the popular Minecraft game.

What the metaverse looks like from NFTCraft

NFTCraft has a MetaCraft metaverse, which consists of 2 cities:

  • Craft City – it is building copies of famous architectural structures, such as the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and the Sydney Opera House. Land with ready-made architectural structures in Craft City can be bought in the form of NFTs. Also there you can become an architect and earn money on the creation of architectural structures;
  • Resource Land is an inexhaustible source of resources where users mine blocks to build buildings and structures.

In MetaCraft, you can become a builder and earn money by extracting resources from which buildings will be built. You can also become a partner and early investor in the project. For example, investors can buy resources for construction and become co-owners of virtual land, or buy project tokens and participate in profit sharing.

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Arcona is a mixed reality (XR) metaverse. Inside its application, users can create their own projects or earn money with Play-to-Earn games . In the material, we talk more about it and show what content is available to new users.


substrata. This is a 3D metaverse where users can interact, play, explore and build buildings. To run it, you will need to download the application to your device.

This is what the lands in the Substrata metaverse will look like. Source: substrata.info

The preliminary sale of the project lands has already begun. They can be bought on OpenSea . The cost of one plot starts from 0.15 ETH or $385.

So far, there is little information about what else it will be possible to do in it. The developers announce realistic graphics, the possibility of free content creation by users and the use of immersive audio.

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CryptoVoxels is the smallest blockchain metaverse in terms of area , but the number of land plots in it is constantly increasing. In the article, we figure out whether CryptoVoxels will be able to maintain its leading position, as well as what problems the metaverse has now and how developers solve them.

NetVRk. The Metaverse is built on the Unreal Engine 5. It integrates and supports several blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, BSC, XRPL, Flare, Elrond, Phantasma, Hedera and others.

In NetVRk, the metaverse is called Genesis Islands and consists of 15 thousand NFT-lots, which are divided into five areas: entertainment, creative, educational, business and adult. Here users can explore, interact and own land.

In May 2022, you can only buy plots of land on OpenSea . Their prices start at 0.28 ETH or $553.

Highstreet. This is a metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain that provides the opportunity for trade between users and brands. Users can buy items, sell or receive them in reality by creating an e-commerce system.

Highstreet Metaverse Tour

Highstreet works on the web and on VR devices. To access it, you need to leave your email address on the main page and select the device from which you want to enter it.

You will not be able to directly buy a piece of land in this metaverse. It is automatically assigned to you after purchasing various NFTs in the Highstreet marketplace .

No guarantees

This information does not constitute investment advice, a recommendation or an encouragement to buy or sell financial instruments. Any person acting on its basis does so solely at their own risk.


The material told about the new crypto-metaverses. In some of them you can already buy land:

  • Metafluence – Land plots are $85 and Metahut are $3500
  • Big Time – the cost of plots on the primary sale ranged from $299 to $3.3 thousand,
  • In NFTCraft, you can become a co-owner of a virtual land,
  • Substrata – the cost of one plot starts from 0.15 ETH or $385,
  • NetVRk – land prices start at 0.28 ETH or $553,
  • Highstreet – To purchase a plot of land, you need to purchase non-land related NFTs.

Other metaverses are just under development: Legendaryum, Bloktopia, Realm, Mars Metaverse, SHIB Metaverse, Homespace, PlayerOne. There are also those that are more like full-fledged games than metaverses. These are Star Atlas and Moonscape.

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