What is NFT in Roblox from Gucci, and how you can make money on it

In 2022, the Roblox game was replenished with a new metaverse from representatives of the Gucci fashion house and was called Gucci Town. This is a new digital space where you can learn more about the development of the Fashion House, get unique things to express your individuality and communicate with like-minded people. Below we will look at what kind of project it is, what are the features of the city of Gucci, where to get codes / items, and how to activate them.

General provisions

The new metaverse “City of Gucci” combines two giants:

  • Italian fashion house Gucci. It is one of the most famous manufacturers of clothing, perfumery and textile products. It is the second largest fashion brand in terms of sales after LVMH. For 2022, it has about 5,000 outlets, and the total number of employees exceeds 17,000 people. The total sales volume is about 10 billion euros.
  • Roblox is an online game that allows you to participate in the projects of other users or make your own. The essence of the game project is to create virtual worlds in different genres, for example, role-playing games, races, obstacle courses, etc. In fact, this is a huge metaverse with a large and constantly growing number of users. For 2022, the number of users exceeds 230 million people, and the main age of children is under 16 years old. Here you can sell / buy items, make accessories and earn money.

What is Gucci Town in Roblox

Gucci Town is a new metaverse in Roblox, which is a huge free space with many shops and recreation areas. Its features allow you to compete in small games and get GG gems, take selfies, get information about the development of the Fashion House, achieve new statuses and communicate. After collecting the required number of gems, you can buy clothes and personalize the look.

The history of the NFT meta universe in Roblox began in May 2021. It was then that a new Gucci Garden project appeared, which gained popularity and attracted over 20 million users. Such impressive results were achieved in just 14 days. The Gucci Town project for Roblox has a large scale and allows you to focus on great popularity. The official website of the project is roblox.com/games/7830918930/Gucci-Town.

Interesting places in the Gucci Metaverse

Gucci Town in Roblox is a huge city that opens up almost limitless opportunities for players. Here all conditions for communication, earnings and giving individuality to the image are created. Let’s select a few objects:

  • The Gucci store is the main outlet for connoisseurs of the fashion house. It is located just behind the Vault Plaza and offers many unique items. The latter can be used to give personality to the main character. The peculiarity of the objects is in deep detail, thanks to the use of modern technology.
  • Power Up Place is a unique vacation spot where you can have fun and connect with other users.
  • Vault Plaza is a unique exhibition that allows you to personally evaluate the collection of Gucci items and items of no less popular fashion houses.
  • Mini Game Heights is part of a metaverse where you can compete with other users and earn rewards. To test your strength in the mini-game, you need to approach the building and go through a bright portal. The most popular include “Tides” or “Capture Tile”.
  • Creative Corner is a creative corner where you can exhibit your own virtual works or enjoy the finished works of other artists.

In addition to the objects discussed above, other interesting places are available in the Gucci Town metaverse in the Roblox game:

  • Craftsmanship Court;
  • Selfie Way, etc.

All of them are part of the metaverse, they allow you to have a good time and earn NFT coins in the future.

Gucci Town tokens in Roblox

To empower the metaverse, players can earn tokens called GG Gems. The internal currency can be used to solve the following tasks:

  • purchase of items;
  • receiving bonuses;
  • providing additional opportunities to the player;
  • other options.

The deeper the user gets into the game, the more opportunities he has in terms of earning NFT tokens. At the initial stage of the project, the capabilities of the characters are limited, but in the future, the functions of the virtual universe will expand.

What is it for

The purpose of creating “City of Gucci” in Roblox is to popularize the fashion house and increase the number of available locations in the famous game. The developers of the NFT project wanted people to get more information about the project, be able to express their individuality and communicate with like-minded people.

In the existing facilities, you can compete in games to earn tokens, create and offer other works of art, and learn more about the fashion house. The creation of the Gucci Town metaverse became possible against the background of the growing popularity of the NFT-sphere.

Opportunities for players

Entering the city of Gucci in Roblox provides many surprises for the protagonist. It becomes possible to travel through space, create new ones, use existing ones or combine different styles.

After logging into Gucci Town, the following options are available to players:

  • Participation in mini-games to get GG gems.
  • Finding and creating unique works of art.
  • Communication with like-minded people.
  • Get detailed information about the history and possibilities of the Gucci house.
  • Creating a personality for your image.
  • Rest in the cafeteria.
  • Exploring and buying Gucci virtual items boutique.

As you can see, in the Gucci Town metaverse, you can walk, participate in competitions, relax, walk, shop and earn money. With the development of the city, new digital objects appear on its territory, presented in 3D and outwardly distinguished by realism.

The peculiarity of clothes is not only in detailing, but also in quick response to the movement of the main characters. The developers have paid special attention to rendering so that digital modelers can realize the creative possibilities within a large project.

Free and Paid Items

At the time of writing, there are many interesting items available in the City of Gucci metaverse. Some of them are free, but there are also those that can be bought with NFT tokens. The main ones should include:

  • Sun glasses. Issued upon completion of training.
  • Pink baseball cap. Sold for 1600 GG Gems.
  • Hair (part) Gucci 2. Can be bought for 1500 GG Gems.
  • Hair (part) Gucci 1. Also sold for 1500 GG Gems.

Gucci Town codes for Roblox, where to get them

To expand the possibilities in the game, you can use the so-called promotional codes for the Gucci metaverse in Roblox. The most popular promo code for getting free rewards is “GUCCITOWN10”. New promotional codes appear periodically. They are offered by developers and are available in the communities of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Discord and others.

Codes for Gucci Town in Roblox are usually dedicated to some special occasions:

  • anniversary;
  • main events;
  • adding a new option / structure, etc.

To access updated information, please keep an eye on roblox.com/games/7830918930/Gucci-Town. New and up-to-date codes appear here periodically. Depending on the type, they can be used to personalize the main character, gain additional abilities, or solve other problems.

It is important to note that Gucci Town promo codes for the Roblox metaverse have a limited time period. Developers periodically add new data, and the task of users is to follow the information in the communities or on the official page (listed above).

How to Redeem Code in Gucci City on Roblox

Getting a promotional code is only the first step, because it needs to be activated. The algorithm of actions in this case is as follows:

  • Log into Roblox Gucci Town on your computer or smartphone.
  • Click on the Promo Code button on the side of the screen.
  • Copy the available code from the list.
  • Paste it into a special field in the “Enter promotional codes here” section.
  • Click on the “Redeem” button to receive a reward.

If the code was first added for the first time, try closing and opening the game. In this case, the player is placed on a new server with an updated build. If everything is done correctly, the promo code should work.

Future plans

Representatives of the fashion house Gucci say that over 20 million players have already visited the Gucci garden last year. The new metaverse must evolve faster, and the starting point is the community. In the near future, it is planned to fill the city with new ideas, opportunities to earn tokens and other features.

The first collection in the Gucci Town store in Roblox will be available on June 17, 2022. In parallel, the original Gucci Blondie bag is released every week in limited quantities. To unlock and receive the item, you must periodically go to the official resource.

Examples of using NFT in Roblox

The creation of the Gucci Town NFT metaverse in Roblox is far from the only example in the fashion community. In late 2021, Ralph Lauren launched the same concept focused on winter sportswear. Roblox was chosen as a platform for creating a new world.

Project Features:

  • Ample opportunities for heroes who can bring up to 8 options for sportswear.
  • Regular updates of clothes from new collections. The focus is on bright colors and sports direction.
  • Weekly arrivals of new collections available in the Roblox Metaverse.
  • Regular events, including ice skating, relaxing by the fire, hunting and much more.
  • The ability to receive NFT rewards for performing certain actions, for example, decorating the Christmas tree.

Ralph Lauren collaborated with community creator Roblox, a creative design studio, and game developers to create the new gaming universe. The same principle applies to the creators of metauniverses in other directions.


Gucci Town is a unique metaverse in the Roblox game where you can earn NFT tokens, discover new horizons, and get information about the fashion house. The first collections will be open until June 17, 2022. In parallel, the virtual space allows you to communicate, improve your character and get additional benefits.

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