What is the NFT platform Zoop from the creator of OnlyFans

The Zoop platform is a project of Tim Stokely, who is the owner of the OnlyFans project. This is an NFT project to collect and trade celebrity digital cards. After earning over $1 billion from his former business, Tim and his friend RJ Phillips decided to invest in NFT and WEB3. Below we will consider what are the features of the Zoop project when it appears, and what development steps are planned in the near future.

What it is

Zoop is a decentralized NFT trading card project powered by the Polygon blockchain technology. Designed for trading individual digital cards of famous people. The platform is open to celebrity fans regardless of their level of knowledge or tech savvy. To trade cards, the owner issues licenses from the stars through large media companies, which guarantees the legality of transactions.

Zoop Features

In a way, Zoop is a marketplace where digital celebrity cards are the main product. You can do different things with them:

  • purchase;
  • sale;
  • collection;
  • exchange, etc.

Purchased NFT-tokens of stars can be shown to friends, collect entire collections, and subsequently earn money on them. The project also allows you to communicate with famous personalities, and the stars themselves interact with fans. The cards are made in 3D format, which attracts more attention from fans. An additional feature is the limited circulation, which guarantees the value of each issued token.

Why Zoop NFTs are needed

Purposes of buying NFT-cards in each case are individual:

  1. Collecting collections. The main goal of the fans is to buy all the NFT tokens of their favorite star.
  2. Investments. As the popularity of non-fungible tokens increases, so does the number of potential investors. Accumulated cards can be sold after the price increase. The cost will depend on the number of NFTs issued and demand.

If desired, the above goals can be combined. You can start with collecting, and then use NFT cards to earn money.

Who are the developers

The creators of the Zoop project are OnlyFans creator Tim Stokely and his friend R.J. Philips. They are the ideological inspirers, and the main technical tasks are taken over by a team of specialists. The main requirement is a deep knowledge of WEB3 and NFT. At the core is a whole system of co-general directors and executives.

Start of the process and prospects

The exact start date of the Zoop project has not yet been announced, but it will definitely happen in the summer of 2022. Unlike the sole business of Only Fans, this activity will be family owned.

At the initial stage, it is planned to issue 500 NFT cards for a group of celebrities. The sale is planned through a special auction in the Netherlands. In the future, the cost of digital cards may change based on demand.

At the time of writing the review, a priority pass is open and waiting for the release of the project. This is made for people planning to take part in the starting development. At the same time, you can save on the cost of NFT cards, which will grow in price in the future.

Goals of Zoop

The developers position the Zoop project as an “oasis” for fans of various celebrities. The new project aims to untie the hands of fans who want to get NFT cards of famous people. Through the site, access to the community is opened, where you can interact with each other, make purchases, sell tokens and solve other problems.

Zoop’s goals are not only to cover the needs of fans, but also to profit from the emerging blockchain technology market. For 2022, the turnover of this sector is over $45 billion, and by 2026 it should increase to $147 billion. Zup’s unique ecosystem ensures the value of new assets and transparency in valuation. After the creation of the platform, it is planned to launch its own token.

What is the platform built on?

Zoop is based on the world-renowned Polygon blockchain network. It effectively interacts with WEB3 and allows you to discover the possibilities of a new project. The choice in favor of Polygon is due to low costs, a high degree of protection and sustainability. In addition, it is Polygon that is the basis for most modern NFT tokens.

Polygon itself is a large platform for scaling Ethereum and opening access to new infrastructure projects. The list of available products includes various hybrid solutions, sidechains, enterprise chains, etc. As of June 2022, over 20,000 applications have been made on Polygon, about 4 billion transactions have been processed and more than $5 billion of funds have been secured.


As noted, at the initial stage, it is planned to issue 500 NFT cards, which will be available for sale. In the short and long term, it is planned to implement the following plans:

  1. Orientation for the whole family.
  2. Expanding the list of content.
  3. Entering your token.
  4. Site development.
  5. Increasing the capabilities of project participants.


Zoop is a complete home for celebrity NFT cards. This is the best place for fans to collect images of their favorite stars, and investors looking to make money in the future. The purpose of the platform is to create the necessary base and enable transactions without intermediaries. It also opens up the possibility of communication between stars and their fans, which is difficult to achieve in the real world. The project will develop, and the appearance of an internal token will become one of the additional investment tools.

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